Style O’Clock: Sequins


Styled  by Raffaella Tomassi
Photography by Adam Russell

Style O’Clock thinks its moaning must have paid off, because this week’s theme, sequins, is up it’s street in a big way. The beauty of the sequinned item (or items, if you’re feeling brave) is its ability to be opulent, fabulous, glamourous  and impractical (in a good way, although woe betide the day a thread comes loose) yet at the same time oh so accessible, gracing the racks of not only more expensive high street stores such as French Connection but Topshop et al. In addition to this, to find the best and most unique sequinned items it is often wise to go vintage hunting with eBay, charity shops and vintage shops themselves usually providing a wealth of the shiny beauties. Sequins can be worn in the day time, but as starter rather than the main course: if you’re going to do so, stick to accessories or light embellishments. As Style O’Clock doesn’t  like to do things by halves, this week I give you three night-time looks… For more sequinned inspiration as well as links to some sequinned items hand picked by the fashion team, see this week’s fashion shoot.

8pm: Formal Hall

Bridging the smart/casual gap, sequins are a great way to look formal yet fashion forward without straying too far into the realms of black tie. Wear with bold accessories, like a belt, a black bandage skirt and black heels.


10pm: Going out

Sequins catch the light on the dance floor like no other, and are thus the perfect accompaniment to what are no doubt your stylish dance moves.  Wear a sequinned top with high waisted denim shorts and a slick of red lipstick to stay on the right side of casual.


12pm to the early hours…

Black tie, white tie, whichever sort of ball you’re going to this summer, sequins are a must. Here I’ve paired my sequinned top with a floor length black skirt and silk sash-belt but the ball also has space for some head to toe sequin action if desired.


A few extra pointers before I send you on your way:

1) Sequins need not be expensive but mustn’t look cheap – when choosing items which are entirely covered make sure they are embellished on both sides rather than just on the front, unless this is a specific design feature.

2) Have a wander around the changing rooms to ensure the sequins aren’t going to leave you writhing with pain by the end of the night as they cut and scratch your inner arms or any unprotected part of your body coming into frequent contact with them (Style O’Clock learnt this the hard way – a cardigan tied under the arms is not quite the stylish look it hoped…)

3) Have a sewing kit handy to rescue any snags before they take half your outfit with them.


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