Style O’Clock: Baroque


Styled by Raffaella Tomassi
Photography by Adam Russell

The Milan Autumn/Winter show this year was dazzled by Dolce and Gabbana’s Baroque creations (for those unsure as to what exactly this involves see this). Yet, you ask me, how am in supposed to incorporate this onto my wardrobe, especially as its not actually Autumn or Winter, but in fact -hopefully, fingers crossed- might actually be summer? Fear not, Style O’Clock is here to help: In summary, Baroque fashion is essentially gold and black, involving a lot of velvets, lace and chintz. Think Dracula meets the Vatican. For summer, this look can be toned down by picking up on the laces, chiffon and chintz fabrics, and substituting gold for yellow or scarf print, which has been taking the high street by storm of late. For the evenings when its cooler, go for a more full on look with muted gold tone sequins and textured fabrics. I’ve picked a suitably Baroque inspired floor length pleated sheer chiffon skirt for this week’s key piece, which picks up on the colours, shapes and fabrics of the trend whilst still retaining the key properties of summer clothing. Either buy one on the highstreet with a shorter skirt attached underneath, of look for a lined vintage skirt like this one and simply cut out the lining.



One part Baroque, one part hippy, this look takes a skirt (and style) more suited to the evening into the daytime with its bright colours and casual approach. Scarf print and black chiffon give a nod to the Baroque trend whilst the hat and tied nature of the shirt tone down the look.



Wearing yellow and black is a good way to mimic Baroque’s gold and black theme in a more summery fashion. Wear a sheer skirt over a dress for a layered and interesting approach.


For the evening go all out with opulence and match chiffons and velvets with gold or muted sequins to really capture the essence of the trend.

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