Showcasing a day in the life of an Oxford Thesp. This week director Megan Lynch discusses the perils of onstage nudity…

How do you ask someone you’ve talked to for a grand total of around eight hours to undress in front of you, with no alcohol as a lubricant and no promise of sexual gratification at the end of it? First time director dilemmas, eh? It could become a hashtag. I should probably point out that the semi-nudity of our cast wasn’t totally gratuitous; we may have bypassed Brecht on the way to Full-Monty Station, but it was all in the name of art. One such artistic moment had our tallest actor onstage desperately trying to drag a pair of ancient waxed waterproof trousers over his knees, realising they were about 3 foot and several sizes too small, and delivering his lines with script-appropriate gravity .The show must go on. Or must it? Because of course this is the problem with onstage nudity, isn’t it? It can all go horribly wrong.  Hopefully this will not be the fate of the Neville’s Island cast. But then, the only way we can guarantee that is practice…so we’ll be taking a bullet for the proverbial team by watching our boys balls-up in rehearsal, so you can watch them effortlessly sashay out of their clothes on the night. You are welcome.

Megan Lynch

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