OCA misses out on ‘U’

OCA may have to learn to live when living is without U after it emerged that the association has been allowed to register with the University since Hilary but failed to do so.

A club must be registered for two terms before applying to use the word “University”, so OCA will not be OUCA until at least Trinity 2013.

Clare Brennan, the University Clubs Officer, said: “[OCA] has not applied to register for Hilary Term 2012 or Trinity Term 2012. They have been able to apply for registration, without the permission to use the University name, since Hilary 2012.”

OCA is still able to register in Michaelmas.

However, Brennan said that “they will need to be registered for two complete terms… before they are eligible to apply for permission to use the University name again.”

Brennan noted that accounts for the time spent disaffiliated would need to be supplied, and that “this, as always, is subject to the approval of the Proctors”.

OCA was officially disassociated from the University in February because of its “failure to reach the financial and administrative standards of a recognised student club”.

The disaffiliation applied retrospectively to Michaelmas, so OCA could have applied to register in January.

It is not clear why no application has been made. One member said: “Everyone in OCA hates not having the University affiliation. It’s a huge source of embarrassment.”

Nina Fischer, OCA President, said: “We took on board the administrative matters raised with us by the Proctors and have been working to rectify those matters. We will re-apply when the time is right.”

She did not comment on the current state of OCA’s finances.

But George Mawhinney, President-Elect, said: “It is my intention for the Association to submit an application before that date in the term for which I am responsible, viz. Michaelmas 2012.”

Hilary President Miles Coates declined to comment.

OUCA previously lost its affiliation with the University after allegations of racism in 2009.