Showcasing a day in the life of an Oxford Thesp. This week actor Jason Barnes needs your help…

Dear Reader,

My name is Jason Barnes and I am not a very good actor. I’m an actor from across the ocean – an American actor! Yes! (I hope my greeting was polite enough for you, which is to say that sometimes Americans can come across as kind of rude sometimes and stupid, and I don’t want you all to think I’m rude and stupid). Last year, at my college back home, I auditioned for a couple of shows for what one director called the Season of Ambitions. I tried for Up the Down Staircase, and got a call back. I didn’t make it and was kind of disappointed given that the ensemble is pretty big. I don’t suffer stage-fright or a fear of public speaking, and I am good at changing my voice and doing imitations, but I can’t seem to get the emotion out and into my acting onstage. So this is a plea; an actor-to-reader(-to actor?) plea. My goal is to reach the Oxford Playhouse (a renowned mid-sized regional repertory theatre for those who don’t know!) any way I can. And with your help, I know I can do it! Whilst all help is appreciated, I am particularly seeking the advice of actors who have been on the boards of the prestigious Playhouse stage. I won’t name any names, you know who you are.

Yours in the craft of acting (with much thanks and appreciation),

Jason Barnes