Poetry Corner

Fascist G n Ds


The pinnacle of vulgarity

And although with little familiarity

My observations lack clarity

Your popularity marks a grave disparity

Against something that is actually worth half an ounce of my time


A fascist beast purporting to be a nice creature

Displaying all those genial features

Plato, Schopenhauer, Kant and Nietzsche

With hatred and fascism all they will teach ya’


Ice cream flavour of the week

Presented in a way that is oh so meek

Cloaking the heinous havoc they wreak

As their lies and forgery begin to leak.

The future looks bleak

(But more so for the Greeks)

As GnDs regales us with this depraved winning streak


 Your weekly quizzes that are consistently too hard

To which I tried to answer, ultimately left completely scarred

Absent was my guard

With my afternoon marred

Forcing me to discard my confidence without much regard

“Out, out, brief candle” – quothed the Bard

The inferno of GnDs, that left me charred


GnD’s the archetypal foe

So cute, yet so dangerous, like a pygmy hippo

Your fascist ideology I will burn with my zippo

Don’t eat GnDs, just have a calypo


The Boy that Laughs Loudly on Somerville Quad


The laugh that launched a thousand ships

Away from the quad, cos you were so loud

You were like that horn, that French horn 

In the orchestra performance I went to the other day 

The one that ruined everything with its bellowing bellow

Violently strangling the delicacy of the chorus


You shackle me with your cackle, a fiercesome rugby tackle

With me wondering whether this vitriol really justifieds such an inno

cent past time

I was there on the quad that day, with your loud laughter causing a delay 

To my jurisprudential analysis, and to my dismay 


I might as well have been sitting on the dock of the bay, 

Wasting time, 

No work done at all – it was 10 minutes to 9 

Shall I go back to my room for quiet – but the weather is too divine

Out here, clothed in the beautiful sunshine 

And what’s mine is mine, and it is for the outdoors I pine


I’m a bitch, I’m a lover, I’m a child, I’m a mother

But cuz you are no chuckle, brother

You are annoying me, go and disturb another

Before I pin you down with a pillow, and smother


Krishan Neelendra has recently been elected as Somerville Poet Laureate