If you are anything like me and find the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street frankly unbearable, the glaring lights of shops and the sheer size of buildings somewhat draining, and, more importantly, the predictable, recycled fashion of the high street uninspiring, then Blitz may be the place for you.

Situated on Hanbury Street, a small street located just off Brick Lane near Spitalfields market and in close proximity to Liverpool Street Station, this treasure trove is, in the words of Patsy Stone, a “destination” rather than a shop. With two floors and numerous different rooms, you can find every item of vintage paraphernalia you could wish for. With a café and a room dedicated solely to household items, it’s more than a vintage wardrobe being promoted, it’s a vintage lifestyle.

This is far from one of those dingy so called “vintage” second hand shops, whose stock is more junk than gems; and you won’t have to dig around among a sea of rags to find a bargain here. With its bright and eclectic presentation, you won’t find any mothballs in these clothes, just well-chosen, clean and above all, fashion-forward pieces.

If vintage isn’t your vogue, then don’t fear as Blitz coincides with the East London tourist trail, looking at the hidden wonders of Brick Lane and Shoreditch, one of which can found on the Blitz’ building itself. With fascinating graffiti art on the surrounding buildings, this shop is more than an outlet for retail therapy, it’s a cultural exploration.

So, if you have a chance this summer to explore the scintillating cellars of Shoreditch, then make sure not to miss Blitz; It’s more than a shop, “it’s a destination”.


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