East Innovation


Even if the pioneering design of East London clothing is far from your fashion penchant, the Old Truman’s Brewery will not disappoint. An excellent example of urban regeneration; developed on a 10 acre site of formerly derelict de-industrialized land, this retail area has revolutionized a previously decaying part of East London into a thriving hub of artistic vision and creativity.

Large warehouses have been split up into many smaller units, providing affordable retail outlets for small up and coming business, allowing new talent to thrive. And far from being an area distant from any clientele, it is located just off Brick Lane, providing new businesses the direct market they need to succeed. With numerous art galleries, record shops, live music venues, and of course retail outlets; this area truly fosters innovation in every sphere.

Unlike the saturation of second hand vintage on Brick Lane itself, the fashion outlets here are modern and ground-breaking, creating a distinctly different ambience. The modern minimalist aesthetic of the shops themselves stands in contrast with the Victorian industrial warehouses, to create a fusion of the past and the future. These shops are typically understated with white walls, and minimal decoration, letting the fashion speak for itself.

With al fresco bars and seating, music spilling into the streets, and the occasional famous face, the Old Truman Brewery is a sensual experience with a truly unique aesthetic. Regardless of whether your wallet can stretch to the remarkably high prices for East London, it’s a melting pot that should not be missed.