Sporting the Olympic look this summer

Olympic logo 2012

The Olympics. With the opening ceremony less than 36 hours away, all eyes are turned to the London stadium and the international athletes, who over the next few weeks will push themselves to breaking point in the hope of taking home the ultimate prize – a gold medal.

Whilst many of us were unlucky enough to fail to get tickets, we can still follow the events on TV and radio, and in true student style show our support of the athletes by engaging in the odd drinking game during popular events. However, we’ve also been encouraged to show our support of team GB by sporting *yeah I did* one of the latest summer trends; ‘sports luxe’. When McCartney’s collection, in collaboration with Adidas, was unveiled earlier this year, everyone was impressed to see her modern style moulded into smart sportswear and the manipulation of the Union Flag into a stylish pattern across male and female kit. More recently, Karl Lagerfeld has released his Olympic inspired collection in a pop-up shop in Selfridges, continuing to hail the importance of this momentous event through clothing and accessories.

Stella McCartney Team GB kit


However, I have to say I am not a fan of the high-street take on ‘sports-luxe’. After magazines such as Vogue and Elle left us all wondering who on earth (Mrs Beckham aside) can wear neon, 6 inch stiletto trainers without dying from either a broken spine or embarrassment, we were guided by other magazines towards the high-street collections from shops such as New Look, Topshop and Primark. Where classy sports pieces such as McCartney’s fitted sweatpants and streamlined running vests morphed into ill-fitting cropped hoodies, mesh vests and luminous trainers is unknown, but thankfully the useless summer weather has forced these pieces back into storerooms and warehouses and no-one fancies going for a jog in the rain in July. Frankly – we left Mr Motivator back in the 1990s, and that’s where his wardrobe should stay.


Mr Motivator

However, if you feel like sporting a few patriotic items over the coming weeks in support of our hopeful medallists, I’d recommend staying away from anything you would chose to wear to a bop, and opting for something a little classier. After the anti-chav phenomenon of the early 2000’s, where we all mocked townies for wearing sports wear despite their evident lack of healthy eating and exercise, it seems a bit hypocritical that we then expect it to be deemed acceptable for us to wear sports wear to work, or sweats to a cocktail bar. If you are actually in to sports, it is worth investing in some of the original McCartney and Adidas kit, which is reasonably priced and will actually bear some resemblance to the kit being worn at events around the country.  My personal favourites include the Women’s Pictogram leggings, and zip up hoodies, which are comfy and stylish. Futhermore, they come without the embarrassment of drawing everyone’s attention to yourself whilst you’re gasping away on the cross trainer, face as luminous as your Primark shorts.