Making (Mexican) waves watching the Murrays

Despite the disappointing result, I have to say that watching the Murray brothers in the Men’s doubles at Wimbledon was the highlight of my day.

With the crowd at court two at capacity and queues of around thirty outside every door, the support the British pair gathered was incredible. Indeed, supporters couldn’t even leave the ground to go to the toilet for fear of losing their seat- a feat of true dedication for anyone who watched the entire of the 2 hours and 32 minutes of play. The cacophony after every point the Murrays scored was deafening, with as much shouting for Jamie as for Andy, and, on one memorable occasion, for ‘Jandy’- a nickname that I doubt will catch on.

The crowd was jovial to the point that one member shouted out before Andy served for match point ‘Come on Andy, we all need the toilet’ and, when the Murrays drew level in the final set, a Mexican wave circled the stadium twice.

Despite the apparently lacklustre tennis on display, which to be honest, as a tennis novice, I didn’t particularly notice, it was an amazing experience to be part of the home crowd cheering on Team GB at an Olympic event. Flags were flying, everyone was buzzing and there was a great sense of community that I’ve rarely felt on my various sojourns to watch professional sport (admittedly never tennis).

Even with the crowd so strongly behind them, the Murrays ultimately lost to Austria’s Jurgen Melzer and Alexander Peya 5-7 7-6 (8-6) 7-5 but the experience of having seen a British team play in the Olympics on home soil and the excited reaction of the crowd made a much stronger impression on me than the tennis, which is, admittedly, a sport that I know little about.