Fuzzy Ducks moving to Wahoo

Despite reports to the contrary, Fuzzy Ducks, the notorious Oxford club night is not finishing.

It had previously been rumored that the club night, once voted by FHM as the “easiest place to pull in Europe” was closing down due to declining popularity and local resident complaints. However Sam Zappi, owner of the Fuzzy Ducks brand says this is certainly not the case- to the relief of many Oxford students.

Rather, the night will be moving from the 02 Academy on Wednesday night to Wahoo nightclub instead.

A spokesman for Wahoo confirmed the move, saying: “We are excited and delighted to have Fuzzy Ducks joining us next term.”

The night will be continuing on Wednesday nights.

Reaction to the move has been mixed amongst students. Long time Fuzzy Ducks aficionado, and first year Oxford student Sabian Chauhan questioned the move of location, saying that to market Fuzzy Ducks to a different crowd would fundamentally change the nature of the event.

He said: “I think deciding to move the night is one of the worst possible moves they could have made; I for one certainly won’t be attending.” He added that his experiences at Fuzzies, as it is affectionately known by students, were unrepeatable.

Oxford Brookes student Charlotte Greenslade was more enthusiastic, saying: “Fuzzy Ducks is a great night that enables sports teams (and other students) to dress up and go out as teams. The perfect chance to let your hair down!”

The 02 have reportedly entered into a three year contract with the Oxford Brookes Student Union to replace Fuzzy Ducks with a new night, of which details will be released soon.


PHOTO/ Facebook