Ex-OUCA hack Joe Cooke hits BBC 2

Joe Cooke with his ‘I’m a political android send from the future to kill Ed Miliband’ face on.

Those of you who don’t get bombarded on a daily basis with Oxford University Google alerts, might well be blissfully unaware of the gale force lolfest that hit the screens of BBC 2 viewers on Thursday Evening.

Former OUCA president and Oriel dandy Joe Cooke graduated in PPE last term, but his legacy is, it appears, is not going down without a fight. At 9pm, the BBC broadcast the first of a three part ‘Wonderland’ series, the first episode of which is called ‘Young Bright and on the Right’. The documentary followed the political shenanigans of Joe Cooke and Cantabrigian Chris Monk, a fellow aspiring Tory.

So what can we expect from the show that The Guardian’s Simon Munnery has already dubbed ‘The Only Way is Oxbridge’? Well, if the trailer is anything to go by the answer to that question looks worryingly likely to be: one of the most cringey experiences most of us are likely to have undergone since Lembit Opik released that weird music video.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer, it seems to consist largely of Joe Cooke walking around the Union telling the apparently enthralled camera crew where the best places to sit are in order to ‘cover all the exits’ and ensure you can fuck over your friends in peace. If this is really the best two minutes of footage they can show us, it doesn’t bode awfully well.

An article written by Joe in today’s Daily Telegraph entitled ‘How to get ahead in student politics’ is also a fairly shaky omen. Although all of us are, of course, fawning around dear Mr. Cooke’s towering political table hoping for a few scraps of chewed up wisdom I’m not sure that this was quite what we were looking for. Although, to his credit being able to talk about an Oxbridge experience of student politics without using the phrase ‘vomit educing two-faced hacks’ does showcase a certain panache for spin.

What we can look forward to is the inclusion of OUCA’s ‘dashing through the Reich’ scandal that surfaced DEFINITELY BY TOTAL COINCIDENCE during the filming of the documentary. For those of you philistine enough to not have been reading the OxStu religiously last Michaelmas, this particular OUCA related scandal involved the leaking of a video to this paper which showed OUCA members raucously singing an anti-Semitic variation on jingle bells. And lets face it, who doesn’t love watching Tories being caught being wildly offensive.

But hey, who am I kidding, I’ll be watching it like everyone else. And so will you.

‘Young Bright and on the Right’ is available on iPlayer now. If you’ve already watched it and are in the mood for a little post-match analysis, why not check out our review?