Welcome to Oxford – Freshers week fashion (for her)

So, you’ve finally found out your grades and realised that all the caffeine fuelled hours of revision and coursework paid off – you’re coming to Oxford! On behalf of the Oxstu Fashion team, congratulations! For many, the next month will be filled with packing, deciding what to buy and take into your new uni life and having awkward conversations on facebook with other incoming freshers. We decided that in order to make freshers week a little less daunting, we’d compile a short guide to ‘Freshers Week Fashion’, to help you avoid wardrobe stress in your first few days. Trust me – it’ll be especially useful come those hungover mornings when you’re dashing around try to find clean clothes. Ladies; this one’s for you. A Guys version will follow shortly!


1. Nights out

As soon as anyone mentions Freshers Week, the first thing that springs to mind is partying. Going out and meeting new people (and forgetting who they are ten minutes later following that second double vodka!) is one of the best parts of freshers week, and one of the merits of the Oxford collegiate system is that when you arrive, the nights out and events are pretty much already planned for you. Usually, there are a few different options, but there are a few favourite nights that pop up again and again, and being prepared in advance with the right outfit not only saves you money, but a last minute dash with a new friend to Primark to buy something you’ll probably never wear again!

A common night out is the Traffic Light Party. For those of you unfamiliar with this, you wear your relationship status quite literally on your sleeve. Red, you’re taken; Orange, you’re not sure/seeing what talent you can find before you make up your mind; Green, you’re single. Make sure you’ve got some sort of outfit that can incorporate these colours, whether it’s all over colour or just a shirt or skirt. General nights out in Oxford tend to be fairly casual – heels and the cobbles of college quads and the Rad Cam do not an easy walk make. The same goes for guys, although shirts often are far more flattering that t-shirts, most guys look no different from day to night. Don’t stress about buying anything expensive, to be honest, it’s  not really how we roll. This is certainly the case for any foam parties you may go to; wear something that can easily be washed, and doesn’t go see through when wet (unless that’s the look you’d like… no judgement…). Ditto neon or rave parties, neon paint can stain. Badly. Check out a few of our favourite high street buys that will see you through the week:


2. College events

Most colleges will hold a few formal events during the week, such as being matriculated into your college, a formal dinner with your subject tutors and other students, and maybe subject drinks. The best options here tend to be to go smart, but again not too dressy. Guys tend to find this easy; a suit and tie and you’re sorted! Girls, avoid anything too short or too low cut, it’s often awkward enough trying to make small talk with your tutors while a bit tipsy on free cava without tugging at your hem or neckline every few minutes. Check out a few of the pieces below for some ideas:


3. Subfusc

There’s not much to say about this, you’ll be sent a bunch of info in your college packs. Basically, sub fusc is what we call the outfits we have to wear to exams, and to matriculation on the Saturday of Freshers week. It looks a bit like this…..


Although there are those who will try to convince you that you’ll get chucked out of the uni if your hemline is too short or your socks are the wrong colour, it’s not a that big a deal. However, you do have formal photos taken whilst wearing this, so it’s best to play by the rules for the day and buy something that toes the line when it comes to shirts, skirts and for guys … the all important socks. Ladies, Dorothy Perkins does shirts that fit well and are very well priced (plus they do a student discount!), and guys, I’m sure you can manage to find black socks. It’s hardly going to be the biggest challenge of your first week.

Happy Shopping!