Hair today, gone tomorrow


It’s an old cliché that many students will come to university and ‘reinvent themselves’. Whether this is ditching your bookish ways in favour of all nighters and, pub golf, and re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, or the exact opposite and absorbing all the academia that Oxford has to offer, there are thousands of different people in Oxford, and you can be whoever you want to be. This reinvention, for some, brings about a totally new look. A change in style, accent; whatever. However, the most common way of shedding your past and stepping forth in the shoes of ‘the new me’ is the simple hair cut. Whilst in the global media, a dramatic change in hair style can signal a breakdown (remember Britney’s bald headed attack on a journalist?) or a post-breakup declaration of ‘I’m moving on’ (does Katy Perry’s hair colour change with the temperature, like one of those mood rings, or something?), for us common folk, it’s usually just a way of saying I’m bored; lets try something new!

Here are a few of the most famous, and sudden, hair style changes. The good, the bad, and the chronically ugly.

Britney goes Bald

Who can forget the speculation surrounding Britney’s self inflicted shave, especially when it was followed shortly by a breakdown and stint in rehab.


Emma Watson before, Emma Watson before...

  and after…

The Harry Potter star told the press she felt after playing Hermione for years it was time to become her own person and shed the witch’s wavy locks. The chop turned out to be a great move, leading to her being signed as the new face of Burberry.


Is there a colour Katy Perry hasn’t dyed her hair?


So, our advice if you’re considering a new style to rock to uni. Step away from the razor, and the bubblegum hair dye and invest in a style that will catch people’s eyes, but only for the right reasons.