Vice Magazine: Cherwell “ripped us off”

The controversy surrounding the Cherwell’s recently retracted article ‘A guide to dating posh girls’ intensified on Tuesday after Vice Magazine publicly accused its author, comment editor Tom Beardsworth, of plagiarism.

The allegations surround alleged similarities between Beardsworth’s article and a Vice Magazine article entitled ‘The Vice guide to dating rich girls’ , which was posted on the popular Canadian publication’s website in June 2012.

A Vice article published on Tuesday, and entitled ‘Did this Oxford student rip off our guide to dating rich girls’, points out numerous similarities in the structure and wording between the two ‘guides’ stating:

“He [Beardsworth] recently wrote a piece called ‘A Guide to Dating Posh Girls’ aaaand, well, without sounding bitter, it was obvious that he’d ripped us off.”

Vice’s article continues to attack Beardsworth personally culminating by saying: “As some kind of light-hearted recompense, I had planned to go through Tom Beardsworth’s previous articles on Cherwell.dull, retooling them as VICE pieces for a LOL, but JESUS, THEY’RE SO BORING. That site has an ability to turn words into concrete.”

Responding to the accusations of plagiarism Beardsworth, who studies PPE at Brasenose, said: “I flatly deny the allegations, and would invite people to look at both articles and decide for themselves.”

Vice Magazine’s logo

The editors of the Cherwell also denied Vice’s allegations saying:

“As far as we are concerned the article was not plagiarised, and as previously stated these allegations did not contribute to the removal of the article from our website.”

The Vice article follows a series of threats and abusive messages from Vice staff levelled at Beardsworth over Twitter in the days following the removal of the article from Cherwell’s website on Tuesday 21st August.

Some of the most vicious comments came from Clive Matrin, a regular writer for Vice, who tweeted: “So yeah, some Oxbridge wanker has totally ripped off an article my colleagues and I wrote. Send him some hate plz.”

He later tweeted that Beardsworth would “love the new arsehole we rip him on Monday”

When asked to comment on the situation Vice Magazine’s Executive Editor Alex Miller simply responded that “It’s flattering to be ripped off by Britain’s least funny man.”