What is TAFF? An introduction to technical theatre at Oxford


TAFF is Oxford’s society for theatre technicians and designers. It is a society specifically for people involved in the production and staging element of Oxford drama. This includes producers, production managers, lighting and sound designers, web designers and marketing manager, stage managers and many more, all of whom are key to making any Oxford production run smoothly.

TAFF acts as a forum and a job centre. It has two main media, the website and the mailing list. The website offers tips and advice on things like venues and equipment and will soon host a job advert page where roles required by a company will be posted. The website also has a newsfeed which is kept up to date with TAFF social events as well as large shows. The mailing list provides a place to
ask technical questions or for people to get involved with productions. Often people also write to the mailing list to offer their services, which can be a good way to break into the somewhat cliquey theatre scene.

The other aspect of TAFF is social; frequent pub trips and other meet ups are organised for people to make the most of what little time they have left after the theatre! There is an annual TAFF dinner to which all members are invited, as well as alumni and special guests.

TAFF is run by the TAFF committee. The executive body of the president, treasurer and secretary are voted for by TAFF members, whereas the rest of the 9 man committee is chosen by the executive from a list of volunteers. The committee are responsible for a lot of things behind the scenes of TAFF and also organise its events and crews for shows in need. TAFF is a very welcoming society and often
people make great friends through it.

PHOTO/ Lucie Dawkins


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