OxStu presents: Funniest Broadcasting Gaffes

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As a Yahoo News journalist is fired after he was overhead him branding Mitt Romney a racist, OxStu brings you a selection of the high-profile broadcasting gaffes of recent times…

– In 2000, one Canadian CBS reporter forgot to check his microphone was switched off when he observed that a former Miss Canadian Universe “had t*** that’d stop a-” before he was cut off by a panicking technician.

–British football pundit Ron Atkinson was forced to resign after his racist outburst against a Chelsea player was accidentally broadcast to Middle Eastern viewers.  “He’s what’s known in some schools as a fucking lazy big n*****,” Atkinson had said.

Big Ron: not to be seen through rose-tinted glasses. PHOTO/Pontificake.

– Right after ESPN news anchor Danyelle Sargent fumbled her words on a late-night broadcast, she didn’t bother to cover her microphone before raging “What the f*** was that?” to her co-worker. The outburst quickly became an internet hit on YouTube.

– Australian news anchor Marie-Louise Thiele was forced to apologize after branding her husband an “arsehole” on air. The then-co-host of Ten Eye Witness News had no idea her anger, vented during a commercial break, was being broadcast to the nation when she said: “This arsehole that I’m married to, he goes, ‘aw, I wanna go skiing, I wanna go to Europe.”

– British commentator Andy Gray was fired from Sky Sports after his sexist remarks about female lineswomen caused a national outcry. Unaware he was being recorded, Gray snarled to colleague Richard Keys: “What do women know about the off-side rule?” before going on air. Keys later resigned.

Andy Gray, now working alongside the likes of Stan Collymore at TalkSport. PHOTO:/ Phil Guest

– After pensioner Gillian Duffy dared to confront Gordon Brown on the 2010 Campaign Trail, she was less than impressed with his reaction to her, caught on microphone after he retreated to his car. Brown dismissed their exchange as a “disaster”, branding Duffy, sixty-five years old, as “some bigoted woman.” It has been suggested that the media storm which ensued may have cost him the election.

– Viewers around the world gained a privileged glimpse into the off-camera “special relationship” between George W Bush and Tony Blair in 2006. The President reportedly thanked the Prime Minister for a sweater he’d bought him, adding: “I know you picked it out yourself.” But it was his views on Syria, namely that “what we need to do is get [them] to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s*** and it’s over,” which made headlines across the world – and caused a lot embarrassment for the White House.

–Nicolas Sarkozy and President Obama were also caught out by a stray microphone at the G20 Summit 2011. Referring to the unpopular Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Frenchman reportedly told Obama: “I cant stand him anymore. He’s a liar.” Obama reportedly responded: “You may be sick of him, but me, I have to deal with him every day.”  The former French President would later try to appease Netanyahu in a letter condemning Iran.