You probably haven’t heard of: Octopush

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The OxStu’s Sport Editor Timothy Williams talks to Tom Scott

What are the rules?

Each team has ten players (six in water, four subs). The aim is to get the puck, which sits on the bottom of the pool, into the opponent’s goal (a three metre metal trough) with your 12-inch plastic pusher, all the while holding your breath.

What kit do you need to play?

A pair of fins, mask, snorkel, water polo hat, glove and standard swimwear. We provide everything but the swimwear!

What attracted you to it initially?

I saw it at the freshers’ fair in my first year and had never heard of it before so thought I’d give it a go. I went to the first session and was hooked from then on. The next year, I became captain.

Where can we find you?

We play at Temple Cowley Pools from 5-6pm on Sunday evenings.

How popular is it?

Octopush is an international sport; GB has a professional team as do many other countries around the world. In the UK, there are both university and non-student teams that compete nationally in annually held tournaments. Last year we took one student and one non-student team to the nationals.

What ‘big event’ should we look out for?

That would be the Student Nationals, hosted by a different university each year. It’s usually held in February or March and we’ll be taking one or two teams to it.

How can a beginner take it up?

By coming to any one of our sessions throughout the year. We advise you to attend the first one so you can learn alongside other beginners but it’s not a necessity as we’re happy to train you up all year round. Your first session is free!


PHOTO// Tom Scott