Town crier celebrated

The official town crier of Oxford has won an award at the 11th annual Town Criar competition in Huddersfield.

Anthony Church’s cries triumphed above eleven other criers at the competition, with the Oxford man emerging victorious. Each town crier had to perform two speeches; one about their home town and the second on the theme of Huddersfield.

The Oxford winner, Church, said: “It was the first time I have competed in the Huddersfield competition, and to go on and win was great.

“I was totally taken by surprise when they announced the winners. I didn’t think I had a chance.”

Church added: “I am proud to be Town Crier to the City of Oxford. I recognize that in the work that I do I am helping to uphold the Ancient Traditions of this country.”

Anthony Church, 60, is also the official Town Crier of Banbury, and Ambassador for the Oxford City Sightseeing Bus Tours.


He became a professional Toastmaster in 1995 whilst working for Oxford City Council, and trained as a Butler for their Civic and Corporate events.

Mr Church regularly participates in competitions around the country and world where he is currently ranked: 4th in Great Britain, 7th in Europe, and 13th in the world.