Alumnae of Hogwarts


Harry Potter came to an end last year. Fifteen months on from the end of the biggest franchise in movie  history, the stars of the films have had to move on to new work, and have done so with varying degrees of success.

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have both had predictably successful periods since then. As two of the biggest names in Hollywood it was no surprise that both have found work easily. Radcliffe’s The Woman in Black was a surprising return to form for the legendary Hammer studios, although Radcliffe was utterly wooden during his time on screen. His next movie sees him playing Allen Ginsberg, in one of the strangest casting choices of recent years. Radcliffe struggled to portray a seventeen-year-old English boy in the Potter series, so how he fares as a charismatic, New York beat poet is anyone’s guess.

Watson famously spent a year in Oxford, occupying the V.I.P. area at Camera and living under a pseudonym whilst at Worcester to save her from fan mail. Her recent film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, has garnered some enthusiastic reviews, even if her performance wasn’t the main attraction. Yet one of her upcoming films, The End of the World, looks particularly bizarre. The plot revolves around a number of celebrities suddenly facing the apocalypse during a party at James Franco’s house. Watson plays herself.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Rupert Grint’s career hasn’t taken off in the way that his co-stars’ have. An upcoming voice role in Postman Pat: The Movie – You Know You’re The One isn’t quite on a par with Watson and Radcliffe’s exploits. For arguably the best of the three lead actors in the films, and certainly the funniest, one may have expected Grint to have an abundance of roles waiting; sadly this is not the case.

One actor who’s had more success is Matthew Lewis, better known as Neville Longbottom, whose recent stage play Our Boys was well received by critics. Lewis, whose role in Potter belied his genuine film star looks, also has a role in a new film, Wasteland, starring Timothy Spall.

But perhaps the strangest of all the career choices is that Tom Felton, formerly Draco and now known as Feltbeats. Yes, Tom Felton is a musician, with a number of painfully mediocre songs blending dreadfully average guitar pop with the occasional rap segment. His rapping isn’t as bad as you’d expect, it’s actually worse, while his music and lyrics sound like something from a CBBC show. We can only hope that a return to the screen beckons.

PHOTO/YY, Colin Zhu

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