Get inspired by…’Monochrome magic’


Matriculation has come and gone.  For the freshers amongst us, Saturday was the first chance to dress up in the uniform that defines Oxford – the sub fusc.  Feeling inspired by this age-old uniform and the combination of black and white we come to this week’s ‘feeling inspired’ column –  monochrome.

At times we’re not in the mood for colour, nor for pattern.   Instead we want something minimal, something basic.  Enter the magic of the monochrome.  This combination is incredibly versatile; it can carry off a sharp and dramatic look, or present a carefree and insouciant demeanour, be sensational and alluring in the evening, or simple and relaxed during the day.  Whilst for many the colours may be reminiscent of school uniform or office attire, the combination is undeniably classic and effortless and gives off a ‘I couldn’t care less’ kind of attitude.

Contrast, both in tone and detail is where you can get playful with this trend.  Large tonal disparities create a bold statement with stark contrasts creating clean lines.  Look to Kate Moss who matches an inconspicuous black suit with a white tux jacket.  Two items, two significantly contrasting tones equalling one sharp and sophisticated look.  You can add an unusual twist to the outfit with contrasts in detail and texture.  Softer elements- a chiffon blouse, a delicate dress, matched with tailored pieces – tapered trousers, a shouldered tux jacket, create a striking combination.    Catch a glimpse of some of the girls above, mixing patterns, pairing soft silks with structured pieces, keeping the looks interesting and giving the outfits a captivating twist.

The final verdict- mix up your monochrome, add some patterns, some stripes, contrast your textures and tones, it is after all a winning combination.


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