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This is the moment BBC Three’s Lee Nelson touched down in Oxford ahead of his Union talk tonight.

Nelson, the creation of comedian Simon Brodkin, wasted no time in getting to know the locals  – he is pictured here asking a pair of Bodleian Library employees if he could “get some filthy mags from the 80s” out of the Rad Cam.

Accompanied by a film crew, Nelson appeared to be shooting scenes for the third series of his “Well Good Show” which has aired on BBC Three since 2010.

After waving “laterz” to the librarians, Nelson offered The OxStu his first impressions of the city. “I think it’s a bit of a dump to be honest,” he joked.

“Nah it’s alright innit, it’s really nice, I thought before I come here that everyone was going to be real posh and arrogant and rich but I’ve spent a bit of time talking to different people and that and it’s actually true.”

But he soon changed his mind after spotting some “bangable girls coming out the library.” He added: “I’d love to study between their legs!”

Despite this, he’s not sure if he’ll be sticking around. “We’re talking at the Union tonight, and we’ll see if we’ll get lucky, maybe stay around and do some extra studying afterwards with some nice girls and then we’re getting out of it back to London.”

The character has also been sighted this afternoon on Turl Street chatting to tourists and students. Nelson will be speaking at 7.30pm tonight at the Union where he plans to “chat to you bunch of well brainy, well over-privileged, fairly boring legends! So leave your notes at home, bosh a load of proplus and bring your parents’ money. And afterwards we’ll drink ourselves stupid! Qwaliteeeeeee!”

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