Draconian dean clamps down on Worcester


Worcester’s Dean has reacted furiously to a series of incidents over the past two weeks at the College, involving students vomiting in a flowerbed and placing furniture on the lawns.

Ben Morgan, the College’s Dean, said that a hoover and furniture was found placed on the Front Quad, and students have been seen sitting on the grass.

The furniture is believed to have been a set up dinner table with a flower vase on top.

He also complained that vomit had been found in a planter and a flowerbed “that no one had even attempted to clean up”.

He threatened to cancel all JCR entz events and close the College Bar until people responsible for all five incidents came forward.

In an email sent out to the whole JCR, he said: “If people have not owned up to all these acts…the College Bar will be closed, and all events on the JCR entz calendar…will be cancelled until people do come forward.

“I don’t intend to be checking decanal e-mails over the week-end, so if the matter is not resolved before Friday lunchtime, the bar closure and moratorium on entz events will certainly remain in place until Monday morning.”

He added: “As a student body, you are also collectively responsible for making sure your friends and fellow students don’t behave destructively, or that they take responsibility for their actions if they are stupid or thoughtless. If people come forward, I don’t intend to be draconian in the penalties I impose.”

But he added, if students delayed, “punishments will be correspondingly harsher when they do finally come forward”.

All the students involved are believed to have come forward immediately, and were made to do gardening duty.

But some Worcester students have criticised the threat of collective punishment.

One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “By threatening collective punishment – an act so despicable that it is specifically outlawed in the Geneva Convention – the Dean is showing that his iron fist knows no bounds. What next? Chemical weapons? Genocide? This is an outrage.”


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