Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Bloody Poetry




Another week, another trailer, another filmmaker. Ah. Alex Darby, we meet again.

This outing from Bloody Poetry adopts the noble tactic of throwing as much actual and implied nudity at you in thirty nine seconds as Youtube will allow without an age filter. It’s effective, light-hearted and more than a little bit sexy; thank you, Milly Sparling and Tim Schneider, for showcasing exactly how intriguing and exciting a screen kiss can be. Soul meets soul on lover’s lips, eh? Arty Froushan and Claudia King might be bringing the naked to your screen, but not the passion. Short and sweet, this trailer gets its point across and, unusually, actually tells us something about the play. True, it can rely on the characters being household names (by the way, did we really need the Shelley after Mary’s name? Answers to @fgoodway with hashtag #feminitpick) but there was plenty of personality in shot. It’s definitely the Shelleys who give the best bedroom eyes. Though Byron’s understated smirk is appealing, there is far too much focus on him waggling his eyebrows suggestively. As those lingering shots of vino suggest, this is a trailer designed to provoke your baser thirsts. My mouth is dry.

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