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A New College fresher found himself in hot water this term, after passing out in his shower and flooding his entire staircase.

The fresher, who has asked not to be identified, had been attending a toga party on Thursday of Freshers’ Week  where, it is understood, he had consumed a vast amount of alcohol. He then went home to his room, where he blacked out in his bathroom due to alcohol intake.

It is believed that unlimited alcohol including “free spirits”, was provided for students at the JCR affiliated event, and it was described as “[going] back to Rome for a decadent Toga Party” in the New College JCR Freshers’ Guide.

Describing the incident, the fresher, who did not wish to be named, said: “I passed out in the shower, kicked open the door in the process and then flooded the entire staircase.”

As a result of this misdemeanour, it is understood that the individual received a fine of over £1,000 from the college.

It is alleged that water from the fresher’s shower dripped through three floors in the staircase and into the Porter’s lodge, over which the room is located, before New College became aware of the incident.

The student has now been reallocated to another room in the college, along with the other people on his staircase suffering the same fate as a result of the flood.

The fresher said the punishment imposed by college was fair, and that it was a payment for damages rather a fine. He said: “In terms of the punishment, the college treated me extremely well as I did not get a disciplinary fine or other disciplinary action. I just had to pay for the damage that was caused which seems justified.”

It is unlikely that many freshers will have had a more costly Freshers’ Week experience, and the New fresher agreed, adding: “It is an extremely expensive freshers’ story to be able to tell!”

Michael Burden, the Dean at New College, was quick to point out that “whatever was levied was not a ‘fine’ but a partial charge for the repair of the damage”, however he declined to comment any further.


Another fresher at New College [who wished to remain anonymous] was quick to judge her acquaintance, and was critical that the fresher continued to drink when he “clearly should have been taking it more easy”.

A third year Engineer however was “not surprised” at the incident, and labelled this “classic fresher” behaviour.

In the New College JCR Freshers’ Guide, Entz reps Poppy Rimington-Pounder and Paul Donnelly, said: “New College is undoubtedly among the best at having fun at Oxford” before going on to say that their parties, such as bops, “are by far the craziest and loudest.”

Abbas Kazmi, a third year Historian at New, called the fresher “an absolute idiot”.

He added: “This is despicable conduct from a new student at the college, and he’s become pretty infamous around the place for it.”

After the toga party, the Entz arranged for freshers to attend either a film and pizza night in the JCR, or a foam party at Junction. The fresher who flooded his room did not however make it to these events.

Both JCR President Ellie Davidson, and Head Porter Tom Franklin declined to comment on the incident.


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