Live Review: Bondax


Bondax epitomise the vibrancy of UK house at the moment. Download a bit of software to your laptop and anyone who’s good enough can find acclaim as a producer. Money and connections are not the obstacles they are to other musicians. You don’t even have to live anywhere with a recognised scene. Just release a few tracks on Soundcloud and if they’re good enough they’ll be mixed by the best in no time. From their origins in Lancaster, Bondax have risen to the top of the UK scene. Adam and George already have an oeuvre of electric, soulful post-dubstep to their name, built up in the past few years. Now, along with fellow teen duo Disclosure, they’re making something of a move into the mainstream. All the best to them, although in future they might want to choose better venues than Varsity Club (previously Number 9). It really is a horrible place. It doesn’t have a proper dance floor and people spend the whole time walking up and down between the floors. Tonight, the prevalence of chest-hair-revealing, fist-pumping jocks is concerning. In large part though, this is down to the fact that Bondax’s tunes are really popularly accessible, which is no bad thing. Typically three minutes long, songs like Baby I Got That, have a beginning, middle and end in the way that much house doesn’t. On top of that, Bondax strike a perfect balance between DJing their own stuff and that of others. If you want to get into House and Bass Bondax are a great place to start. See them if you can.

PHOTO / Good Eye Might


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