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Students at Univ are up in arms after gardeners forcibly removed a number of bike locks on Monday.

In an email to JCR members, Univ’s JCR Treasurer and Vice-president Robert Natzler described how the College’s gardeners went round with “dazzling temerity”, cutting the locks from bikes that were parked in Logic Lane and not marked with Univ stickers.

“There was actually an email on this topic last week,” Natzler wrote, “but seeing as they didn’t send out a reminder or put warning signs out, it’s completely understandable that people view this as excessively audacious and generally out of order.”

Univ student Vanovar Taylor commented on the incident, saying: “I know a few people in the year above who had this happen to them, and they seem to be quite annoyed about it. Maybe they did have stickers on and they got cut off anyway.”

Speaking to The Oxford Student, Natzler confirmed that college authorities remove bikes from the Logic Lane racks on a yearly basis, but in the past have always issued warning stickers reminding students to register their bike with the lodge.

This year students received no such warning, and woke up to find that their bike locks had been irreparably damaged.

In an email to the Univ JCR, Natzler informed students that they could reclaim their bikes from the Head Gardener Bruce Taylor, who “promises to store them for the next couple of days”. He continued: “If your bike lacks a sticker but was left untouched, then I can’t stress enough the need for you to get it registered with the Lodge.”

Stressing that the gardeners’ actions were likely the result of a misunderstanding, Natzler highlighted the strength of the relationship between Univ’s JCR committee and College officials.

Both Natzler and JCR President Dan Frampton confirmed that they were meeting with Univ’s Domestic Bursar Elizabeth Crawford on Wednesday, in order “to discuss the issue and ensure it is resolved as soon as possible.”

“Dan and I are looking into reimbursing students for damage to locks, but prospects currently do not seem hopeful, and overall it makes less work for everyone if people get stickers today before the gardener and his secateurs make another trip”, Natzler told Univ’s JCR.

Neither University College nor Bruce Taylor were available for comment when contacted by The Oxford Student.

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