Frankie Goes to Hollywood: The Get-Out


The Get-Out have been on at me to glance at their trailer since it came out. They know it’s good, I know it’s good but heavens, can I really be positive twice in a row? Apparently so, because this clip is short, snappy and hilarious. Aside from the interruption at the start which feels a bit of a misfire rather than a joke, it delivers consistent amusement and occasionally an unattractive giggle-cum-snort, which seems an appropriate response to the hedonistic party scenes. Performed and captured with enough realism to make a freshly hung-over finalist wince, the downright fun of it all is infectious.

Ella Waldman’s delivery of her supremely ironic lines is subtle enough not to seem hackneyed or over-egged but on repeat viewing it is Lloyd Houston who steals the screen, his fixed nervous smile adding a note of manic hilarity to proceedings. I must admit to crowing with laughter when he raised his eyebrows for reasons I can’t really explain. The silence and thumping music are perfectly married and cued – the whole trailer feels like an exercise in comic timing. I would have shaved off the first five seconds and rocked straight into the irony but honestly, if this trailer was perfect, it would miss the point of the play entirely.

The Get-Out plays at the Keble O’Reilly from Wednesday to Saturday of 6th week.

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