Christ Church in uproar over Cardinal’s clash

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Christ Church revellers are facing a dilemma after college Censors ruled that the traditional 7th week bop will take place on the same night as the popular Cardinals Cocktails event.

The famous black-tie drinking society party at the Union Bar, which is open to all members of the college, has long been scheduled for the Saturday of 7th week. Despite suggestions of an alternative date, the ‘Myths and Fairytales’ Bop has been confirmed for the same day.

The clash is unpopular among the student body. Rosalind Brody, a first-year English student, said: “Everyone is really irritated. It’s a really bad decision. We all really want to go to both, plus it’s on the same night as the RAG Ball.


“The consensus around college is that people won’t go to the bop, which is a shame because we only have two per term and they tend to be rather extravagant.”

A first-year, who wished to remain anonymous, added: “The JCR should have thought this through. They should have organised more closely with the Cardinals, and been more pro-active in planning this Bop.”

He added: “I’m definitely going to the Cardinals Cocktails, as are most of my friends. There are six bops a year, but only one Cocktails. The Cardinals have done a bloody good job of advertising their event to the first years.”

In an email to the JCR, President George Greenwood confirmed that despite the clash both events would be going ahead. He said: “As a JCR committee, we looked into the possibility of moving the bop to the Friday of 7th, but the Entz reps, in discussion with the Junior Censor, decided that, due to great opposition encountered and the logistical problem of running two major JCR events on the same night (as guest dinner is on Friday of 7th), that Saturday of 7th was the only feasible option.”

Both Greenwood and Felix Legge, the President of the Cardinals, attempted to downplay the clash.

In his email, Greenwood said: “Neither the Bop nor Cardinals Cocktails will be ruined by the clash and, having attended both, both promise to be great nights. Do not feel you have to attend one or the other just because people, especially older years for Freshers, have said that either would not be worth going to, and you fear that you will be missing out.”

He added: “My advice to everyone is simply to decide which event that seems more appealing to them, and attend that. The last thing I want to see is conflict between different elements of the college over this. I hope with this email to clarify the situation, we can avoid this conflict as far as possible.”

Legge said: “It’s no great clash. Cocktails is comfortably over by 11pm and most people never go to bops before about 10.30. Each one is a great event in its own right and far as I know the majority of Christ Church will go to both.”


The Cardinals Cocktails event has raucous reputation – in 2010, the emergency services were called to the event three times. For £25, this year’s invitation boasts of “an evening of unlimited cocktails, beer, mulled wine, canapés, live jazz, a sparkling reception, unbridled conversation and all manner of entertainment”, along with free entry to the after-party at the Varsity Club.

Christ Church Junior Censor Professor David Nowell was unavailable for comment when contacted by The Oxford Student.

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