John’s JCR “slob culture” crackdown

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A few St John’s students have become too accustomed to “slob culture” whilst watching Champions League matches or re-runs of South Park in their TV room, leading the college to impose a lock-and-key system on their common room.

In a message from the Lodge Manager last week, it was announced that the JCR Lounge, TV room and games room will all be locked at 1am every morning. For those wishing to play pool, or watch presidential elections unfold late into the night, keys will only be available if they provide their own room key as a deposit.

The sanctions were imposed after litter was left all over the floor of the JCR TV room on numerous occasions, including pizza boxes which nobody had placed in the bin.

An anonymous St John’s student, whilst admitting that they did not know who was responsible, was willing to speculate that it was “the usual suspects”, who they described as “sports-watching lad boneheads who normally occupy the room.”


Other students seemed less concerned, with one member of the JCR commenting: “I don’t really use the JCR much, so I totally didn’t realise that it had been closed.”

This view was reiterated by a fresher who said that “now the political excitement of the US election is over, I can’t think of anything sufficiently stimulating that I would wish to watch in the JCR past my bedtime.”

They did, however, go on to say that “the behaviour smacked of slob culture” and “doesn’t give off a good impression of us undergrads at St John’s.”

The email sent by Tony Coote, St John’s Lodge Manager, also stated that upon “the return of a JCR room key, the duty porter will check the room to see that it has been left in a suitable condition.

“If the room is found in an untidy state, it will be locked and the student who last returned the key will be contacted in order to tidy the room. The room will remain locked until this has been done.”

It was unclear, in this situation, if the offender’s room key would be returned, or whether it would only be available once the JCR had been tidied.

Yet, the introduction of a key system doesn’t seem particularly harsh when compared with the situation in various other colleges. St Catz’ JCR, for example, is locked daily at midnight with no option of exchanging keys to get in.

St John’s JCR President and the Lodge Manager were both unavailable for comment.

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