Univ backpedal on broken bike locks

Univ students left with broken bike locks after a cull of unregistered cycles will be reimbursed in full by the college.

The row erupted last Monday when the college gardeners decided to forcibly remove any bikes stored on college property which had not been registered.  Many students felt they had not received adequate notice of the planned clampdown.

In previous years, unregistered bikes have received a warning sticker so that students have time to remove them, but this procedure did not take place this year. As a result, the Logic Lane racks were cleared of many bikes that were still in use.

JCR Vice-President and Treasurer Robert Natzler said, “A mail was sent out at the beginning of the term but it didn’t specify a deadline. Students woke up to find bikes had been cut.”


However he was adamant that the issue had now reached a peaceful conclusion, adding: “The college took the bikes, and is returning them to people who come to claim them, and is also going to fund all new locks.”

He and JCR President Dan Frampton met with the Domestic Bursar, Elizabeth Crawford, last week, to settle the dispute.

Crawford sent out an email to students last Thursday saying: “I shall be happy to reimburse you via a credit to your battels. I hope that you have retrieved your bike but please contact the Head Gardener if you haven’t.”

Nazler said: “We on the JCR side are very happy the situation has been resolved.”

JCR President Dan Frampton added that he was: “Thrilled, thrilled, absolutely thrilled!”

One avid cyclist, Hayden Cooke, had no complaints on being reunited with his ride, and could only offer this vote of confidence in his elected representatives: “So happy, [Robert] Natzler and Frampers [Dan Frampton] are bloody heroes. Chuffed to bits.”

Even so, Natzler emphasised: “I don’t want to send out the message that the college was in the wrong.” He also advised people to be more prepared in future.

He said: “The college is very stern on the message that it’s not its fault, but at the same time they made this offer.”

Students will be reimbursed by the college as soon as possible.