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This trend is not one for the light hearted.  It goes against anything subtle and dainty; anything small and refined, this one is all about making a statement.  Bold, glittering and potentially brash, it quite literally calls ‘look at me!’   So called ‘statement jewellery’ has been on the trend radar for several seasons now.   With one of the key trends this winter being hailed as the look of opulence, it seems there is no better time to adopt an extravagant piece, something of the glinting and large gemmed variety.  As a student, conscious about our purses, this is a trend that we can easily buy into, one that’s not going to cost the rent.  The high street has some excellent pieces on offer at the moment, the majority coming in at less than a tenner.  If you’re going to try out any trend, temporary or not, this one is definitely one to embrace.

A novice way to introduce a few jewels and gems into an outfit is with some decadent earrings.  A dramatic pair can instantly lift the energy and add intrigue to every ensemble.  If you’re more reserved when it comes to elaborate statements, stick to a single colour, gold or silver varieties are ideal.  For the more daring, go for a pair which is playful and bright in design, something that instantly catches the eye.  If you’re after a glittering finish, a pair of outsized chandelier earrings will fit the bill.

A more risky endeavour is the necklace.  Ranging from a mere jewelled string to something more reminiscent of a scarf, some of these pieces are truly outlandish.  It’s important that it complements your outfit, so if your clothes are minimal go for an opulent bib style, whereas if your clothes are more dynamic, keep your neck attire more simplistic.  Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little, one necklace on the top of the other, gold on top of silver.  Olivia Palermo is a girl to look to for inspiration on this trend.  With a certain fondness for necklaces, she loves to layer chains, combine intricate collars and bibs and sometimes quite literally appears to be dripping in jewels.

One rule – don’t overdo it..  Be experimental in your endeavours, but keep the quantity limited.  Just as you wouldn’t combine a baggy top with baggy trousers, don’t don all your jewels and statement pieces at once.  Keep the number limited and the rest of your outfit neutral.  On another note, be warned, due to the weight of these things, health repercussions-a neck strain or damaged ear lobes may develop.


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