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Our pseudonymous bluestocking sexplorers take on the language that surrounds woman and sex. 

Slut is an epithet that has been applied to Aggie and Edna by gentlemen of their acquaintance on more than one occasion. One charmer called Aggie a slut mid fuck, provoking tears and recrimination. While a slut used to be a woman who kept an unclean house, the equivalent masculine idiom to describe promiscuous males is positive and celebratory- words such as player or stud. It would seem that there is no positive word to describe a woman with a high libido.

Whilst both Edna and Aggie admit and celebrate their promiscuity, (if anything, Aggie should occasionally shut up about her vagina and give the other boys and girls a chance to sing the praises of their own genitalia. But hey, Aggie *did* have great multiple orgasms in the college shower and is only trying to encourage others to experience the same water-based blisss, and you all want to do the same, so shut up!!) , they are still conflicted about whether the word slut could ever be liberating.

If slut is to be reclaimed the definition of the word must first be clarified.

Currently, what defines sluttiness in a girl is highly nebulous. A girl can be termed a slut for a variety of ‘misdemeanours’ ranging from possessing large breasts to trying to instigate an orgy in the back of your grandfather’s funeral as a form of psychic release. This raises the question, what even is a slut?

Aggie’s favourite pastime this summer (aside from trying to put her finger up the bums of minor members of the aristocracy) has been listening to the Shirelles’ classic ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ on her way home from one night stands while giggling and emanating pride from every spunk-lousy orifice*. Edna takes pride in having built up the courage to initiate one night stands, an idea which her mother taught her was tantamount to prostitution. We both enjoy going for a high-femme look and identify as femme but only feel comfortable taking it to cartoonesque levels (see picture above) when in a queer friendly or pro female space. Are we more or less slutty depending on our dress code?  And why when we are in a socially sanctioned heterosexual relationship can we have as much sex as we want and not necessarily be deemed slutty (except perhaps by fundamentalist Christians and those Jews who go for the really full-on hats)?

Not only is the categorisation of a female as slut based on nebulous standards, the very notion of slut is profoundly incoherent. Aggie has both given and received oral sex in a bush at a black tie party on a country estate, but only one of these incidents can really be whipped out as a triumphant anecdote – It seems that it is better to receive than give pleasure if you are to avoid being damned as a slut: slut seems to be more to do with being available for the sexual use of others rather than having a healthy enjoyment of sex.

If we are to reclaim the word slut it needs to be based on a redefinition of the term so that it is both distinct and positive. It should apply equally to both genders and should signify contented promiscuity and could also imply openness to a variety of sexual experience.

The slut as we would have enjoys one night stands, fresher fishes with abandon and gives their own sexual satisfaction at least equal weight of that of their partners. But really, regardless of how you want to talk about it, and whether or not you want to use the word slut, fuck with abandon. Fuck with affection, fuck with blind, angry lust. If someone has an ugly face, why not sit on it? (although maybe try to avoid shtupping anyone you wouldn’t have a wank over). As jaded third years we particularly recommend summoning virile and eager freshers to your college room via a note in the pidge and getting it on. YOLO.

*Not literally! Use protection kids!

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