‘Bake for Boobies’ at Lincoln

A ‘Bake for Boobies’ session was held at Lincoln on Tuesday, to increase awareness of breast cancer.

The event was organised by CoppaFeel!, a charity which promotes baking to increase breast cancer awareness and Miranda Kent, the Lincoln College Women’s Officer.

In an email sent to Lincoln students, Kent said: “We’ll be baking, decorating & eating cookies, biscuits & cakes…all in the name of boobies!

She added: “[N]ow is the time to get back to baking with a relaxed, girly afternoon in before the Oxmas excesses and end-of-term festivities begin in earnest.”

CoppaFeel! describes its aim as getting people to talk about breasts in an informal setting.

Money raised from cake sales will go straight into funding all the education and awareness work which CoppaFeel! carries out across the country.