Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Double Edge




It’s easy to see the trap the makers of the trailer for Double Edge fell into – they thought they were making a music video. That, or the most depressing advert for Topshop ever made. The music dictates the pacing, right down to practically every shot. Being. Slowed. Down. I’ve critiqued excessive ramping before, but dear God, the sight of pathetic protagonist (Lucy Delaney) turning over cards in real-time is exciting after all the slo-mo walking towards the camera. Also, it’d be nice to hear the characters talking when it’s clear they are – the blaring music is just frustrating. After all, some dialogue might give a clue as to what the story entails, beyond ‘Ooooh, tarot cards and mild angst!’

The face paint could be visually intriguing, except they don’t do anything with it and the washed out colour scheme makes it all a bit meh. Take the three girls, for example. We see them together without face paint, then with. Nothing else changes. And if nothing changes, if it means nothing, why should we care? For all we know, their college has some strange David-Bowie-meets-Kesha bop going on. The trailer doesn’t show us what it symbolises, or even if it symbolises anything at all. It’s just there, painted on the faces of people apparently competing to be the most boring to watch.

Even in HD the quality of this is dodgy, with poor lighting and grainy footage ensuring nothing pops off the screen. The effect of this video is that of being slowly drowned in grey colour schemes and RadCam-worthy fashions. I rewatch these trailers a dozen or so times to figure out what I think of them and almost fell asleep in the fourth run of this. This doesn’t have the random hilarity or character of Titus – it’s so bland a glimpse of bare wall behind your computer screen will pull your gaze away. Unless you want to have your corneas abandoning you in pursuit of something with colour and vision (*cough*TheMaidstrailer*cough*), it’s best to give this a miss. 

Double Edge plays at the Burton-Taylor Studio from Tuesday – Saturday of 8th week.


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