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It could be said that every wardrobe would benefit from a little lace.  Reformed and reinvented over the years in a multitude of ways, it’s continually been a medium on which to experiment with trends.  Neons, pastels, cut-outs, inky black, whimsical white, thin and fine, thick and heavy – this is one well rounded fabric, a material that has truly stood the test of time.  What then is the appeal of lace?  After all it is a fabric that holds its roots in the clothing for Catholic clergy men? Well for starters it’s flattering and functional.  It doesn’t discriminate- every look from goth to hipster enjoys a little lacy flirtation.  It’s adaptable and works for both day and for night.  This is one truly versatile fabric.

First up, there’s white lace.  Evoking an abundance of matrimonial connotations, its most noteworthy moment was last year- Kate Middleton walking the aisle in her sumptuous Alexander McQueen wedding dress.  Miss Moss also went for white lace in her whimsical Galliano wedding gown.  Not that this fabric should be limited to romantic nuptials.  No, if you wear it above the knee, create a streamlined silhouette, pair it with some unexpected accents you can remove all manner of marital associations.  Just look at the girl above- a slouchy white lace dress, a battered green cargo jacket, perfect for casual attire and completely removed from bridal territory.

Black lace is most certainly the dark horse of the lace world.  Surrounded with connotations of the Gothic and generating ideas of the femme fatale, this inky shade is primarily associated with dark nights and wintry months.  Yet without a doubt, this is the most wearable of the lace family.  Add a little interest to it with the juxtaposition of some colour, perhaps layering it underneath or adding some colourful jewellery, in order to highlight the diaphanous lace.  Or perhaps head in another direction and pair it with alternative textures and luxe fabrics: leathers, silks and velvets.  With black lace, it’s all about the contrast.

Finally we come to the anomalous, out-of-the-ordinary lace.  Make it a statement in neon, or pastel, adorned with embellishment or print.  Look back to Christopher Kane’s summer 2011 show for ultimate inspiration, this was a collection made up of pieces constructed out of fluoro lace, described by his sister as ‘Princess Margaret on acid’.  With this one it seems the louder, the better.


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