Perceiving Fashion

Fashion like most art forms, is purely subjective. What one person loves another will think is ridiculous. This is why it is simply inexplicable that there are people who continue to blindly follow, like a herd of sheep, the trends they are told are now cool and a “must have”. This approach to fashion is pointless and a waste of money. Yes, taking an interest in the new trends and designs is both needed and worthwhile as they can inspire you to try something you wouldn’t have necessarily have thought of or are unsure of how to wear it. It makes sure that you don’t get too comfortable and stuck in one look by challenging you to try the unexpected and daring. But whilst it is important to be encouraged to change your look and experiment it doesn’t mean you should automatically and unthinkingly bend and reshape your wardrobe to each new trend because it is highly unlikely that each new trend will be right for you. The new military trend, specifically the growth of army print clad clothes, that has been revived makes me feel like I am twelve years old again- not an age I’m anxious to re-visit – and so this trend, whilst it is by no means a bad look, it is a look that is not right for me.

Even if you are blessed with the good fortune of having the ability to pull off even the craziest of trends you should only do so if it is right for you, because otherwise you will walk around uncomfortable and self-conscious convinced everyone is whispering about you and laughing at you. As such there is no point in spending your money on changing your look as you won’t look good. Not even because you look bad in the trend, it is because you don’t believe in it and aren’t comfortable in it. What makes someone look great in an outfit is their own confidence in it and it is that which shines through and makes them look fantastic. Fashion should empower you and give you that confidence. A great outfit can make you feel like a whole new person; fashion should not make you feel like a fish out of water. Being fashionable and having good taste should not be defined by following the latest mode. It should be about dressing for you, dressing to suit your character, it should be a form of individual expression of yourself. Sadly this is not always the case.

Dressing in high fashion styles is no longer a sign of class and status – so in theory we can dress how we please – as fashion is can now be the pure reflection of the person rather than the symbol of the person. But unfortunately we are enormously influenced by the perfect images that are constantly bombarded at us through adverts and pictures of celebrities which show people looking so perfect and cool its no wonder that people are intoxicated by the desire to look like them. At the very best we are encouraged to dress for our shape. But what even that fails to take into account is you as a person. Not one person is the same; we are defined by our individual characteristics and beliefs. So why should your personality be constrained by your clothes? Yet we live in an extremely appearance orientated society. It is all very well saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” but it does not stop people in doing so and we are aware of this. But surely because we know we are judged on our appearance we should show who you are as a person through your clothes. We shouldn’t be afraid to stand out and show our individuality, why would you want to blend in with the crowd? What’s fun and interesting about that? If you look just a little further 21st century fashion is extremely varied and so expressing your individuality is far more possible and having the bravery to dress how you want regardless of what is in the now should be highly admired not judged. Granted you may look back on some of your outfit choices and think it was probably not the most successful experiment ever. But better to try something new and individual than simply following the crowd and be engulfed by them.

There is nothing wrong with following trends but what must be taken into account is that you are never going to like every new trend because it is simply not your taste. Too often people suddenly think something is brilliant simply because they have read somewhere that it is. But one person, no matter how renowned they are, opinion should not stop you thinking for yourself and deciding for yourself whether you actually like it. Experiment within trends; adapt them to suit you, don’t blindly follow them.