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Oxford’s newest student-run publication, The StoryGraph, was launched recently this past July. The StoryGraph is a quarterly e-publication, showcasing the creative writing of university students from around the world. Although The StoryGraph focuses primarily on short stories, its “Brunch Reads” section provides a space for “short, snappy reads”—whether in the form of a poem or a piece of flash fiction. Accompanying published stories are art works by established artists from around the world.

The idea of The StoryGraph was hatched after a long night of coursework, when two University College students decided it would be a good idea to start a publishing group and provide short, accessible reads to escape what they described as “the monotony of continuous deadlines.” Since then, The StoryGraph has burgeoned into a full-scale online publication, and has successfully initiated its mission to give university students a platform to exhibit their work alongside their academic studies.

The selection process is competitive, but editors at The StoryGraph are kind, friendly, and responsive to all submissions. Recent contributor Emily Jane Stedman, student at the University of London, described the submission process as a “wonderful experience,” adding that the editors were very keen to help her produce a polished piece for publication. The editors hope to possibly publish an anthology of the best pieces in the near future.

The StoryGraph works in partnership with Book Aid International, an organization dedicated to making books and  literacy support more accessible across sub-Saharan Africa, in some of the poorest countries of the world. The StoryGraph held a charity book sale and cake sale at the Oxford Hub, on Saturday, November 17, in order to raise funds for Book Aid International. Matthew Jones, Senior Writer at BBC Top Gear, made a special appearance, and discussed his adventurous journalistic experiences in Africa, Russia, and the U.S.

The StoryGraph will be accepting submissions for their third January 31 issue throughout the month of December. All students currently enrolled in any university are warmly invited to send in a piece. This can be done on the StoryGraph website: Submissions are limited to 1,500 words.


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