There is a Sound that Never Goes Out: Oxford’s 80s club night returns

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Have you lately taken to wearing ludicrously oversized denim jackets? Formed an unhealthy obsession with shoulder pads? Gobstopper-sized gold earrings been sending you into inappropriate paroxysms of ecstasy?  Not to worry, welcome to the 1980s kiddo! Too long derided as the decade in which good taste went on hiatus, the 80s are now experiencing an over-due revival in Oxford, spearheaded by the launch of new club night Burning Down the House.

Kicking off on Wednesday of 1st week at Babylove, Burning Down the House will be filling the void left by the now defunct Broken Hearts Club which had been a popular club night in previous terms among students who enjoyed its anthems from the giants of New Wave including Adam and the Ants, Blondie, The Smiths and Joy Division. For those who prefer an alternative to the swathe of current pop and R n’ B chart toppers on dance floors at Wahoo and Bridge et al, Burning Down the House will be sure to induce levels of excitement crazy enough to rival Cyndi Lauper’s multi-hued mullet.

Deriving its title from the iconic track by Talking Heads, we are told to expect classics from New Order, David Bowie, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

One of the organisers, French and Italian student Francesca Betkowski from Somerville, commented ‘This is set to be the best night in Oxford this Hilary term for sure” while on the club night’s Facebook page, Ksenia Harwood wrote ‘This has made my day. And, most likely, term’. Also an organiser, French student Daniella Shreir from Somerville, added ‘I’ve been saving my genuine vintage 80s sequin leotard especially for this occasion!”

So it would appear that while our mobile phones may have shrunk tenfold since the 80s, our demand for the decade’s music has not. Mullet and bomber jacket optional.

Burning Down the House takes over Babylove from 10pm on Wednesdays in 1st, 5th and 7th weeks. Entry is £3 before 11 or with a flyer, £5 without. Arrive early to avoid queues.


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