Sartorial Musings: Fashion New Year Resolutions


If January were a feature film and not a thirty-one day reality of de-icing the old cycle, panicking that it’s no longer Michaelmas (and therefore basically Trinity), and avoiding mirrors; its tagline would be ‘New Year: New You’. Now, if I learnt anything in A-Level philosophy, it’s that a new me is not something I should be chasing, but having recently auctioned half of my possessions on ebay, a new wardrobe is. To prevent such a radical overhaul becoming an annual phenomenon, I’ve drawn up a few sartorial resolutions which anyone would do well to stick to. Repeat after me – this year, I resolve to:

1)      Refrain from fixing what ain’t broke. As with life, so with fashion: out with the old and in with the new does not always cut it. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one changing my trench coat or splurging on another beaded clutch pretty much for the sake of it. What folly! Not only is sticking with old favourites far cheaper (hurrah!), shopping for the odd new-season update is that much easier when you’re not trying to figure out how it’ll complement a wardrobe you don’t actually own yet.

2)      Labels are to be looked at for care instructions, not brand names.  We’ve all done it. We’ve all bought something which was two sizes out, hideously impractical, or just a bit ugly because ‘All Saints is a really great label, right? And it was 70% off.’ But just in case anyone is still in denial, buying for the brand is not a good idea. Don’t do it.

3)      Dress to look beautiful, not fashionable. Of course, I love fashion. But, rather than following adoringly, it is something which I need to bring into my service.  And I don’t think I’m the only one guilty of shameful subservience to the trends. Before the buxom reach for flapper dresses or anyone whose skin-tone is more strawberry Nesquick than English breakfast even considers neon, may we all heed the ancient creed: One trend does not fit all.

Stick to these resolutions like fine quality tit-tape to silk, and I promise the same old you will be cutting a fabulous new figure for ‘13.



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