All’s a Riot on the Western Front: Django Unchained Soundtrack

Generally speaking you wouldn’t go out and buy the soundtrack to a film as a CD in its own right. But when it comes to the soundtracks to Quentin Tarantino films you’re never speaking generally.

As a mark of how much of a stickler he is for perfection when it comes to soundtracking his films, on Django Unchained Tarantino returned Frank Ocean’s new song, ‘Wiseman’, back to the singer saying that he couldn’t fit it in the film. This prompted Ocean to post the song on Tumblr and claim that ‘Django was ill without it’.

Having heard ‘Wiseman’ you could be forgiven for immediately agreeing with Ocean, however, the songs which make the cut on Django Unchained are, as it turns out, far from sickly.

Featuring original compositions from the likes of Ennio Moriconne, John Legend, Rick Ross and Anthony Hamilton, not to mention a mash up between 2Pac and James Brown, the artists on Django Unchained’s soundtrack are of an extremely high calibre. They all seem to have been on the same page when it came to their brief as well. Django Unchained is basically a Western – Tarantino style – and this is reflected in pretty much every song on the soundtrack, from the bluesy-rock of Brother Dege’s ‘Too Old To Die Young’ to the brassy sheen of 2Pac and James Brown’s ‘Unchained’.

The album also features some snippets of dialogue from the film, which is great if you want it as a soundtrack to the film. However, with the lack of any kind of filler in Django Unchained’s soundtrack, this could easily stand alone as a kind of collaborative, western flavoured concept album. Although Frank Ocean’s ‘Wiseman’ is better than any song on here, Django Unchained remains in perfectly good health without it.

PHOTO/Universal Republic