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Hi Garfunkel! Are you named in honour of a British restaurant chain or one half of a folky 60s duo? 

We actually used to play under the name ‘Funk Trunk’, which originated from the name of the Facebook group we used to communicate.

However, we came to the decision that that name was immature and, after a great deal of friendly deliberation, producing names such as ‘Bop Revolution’, ‘Funk Face’ and ‘Ethnic Mountainside’, someone spurted out “GARFUNKEL!” and it stuck.

Into what genre does your music fall?

Glam Funk-acid trip-hop

Who are your major musical influences? 

Kool and the Gang, One Direction, Stevie Wonder,  Tony Blair, The Starbucks Corporation, Parliament, The Jackson 5, The Jackson 4, Usain Bolt.

Do you think Oxford has a particularly thriving music scene?

Definitely – as a band, we’re really enjoying expanding into other colleges/doing some gigs in and around the city.

What’s your experience been of gigging in Oxford?

One of the best gigging experiences in Oxford has got to be playing at Wadham’s Queerfest last term.

Where do you see the band in five years time? E.g. destitute and drug-addled/working for Goldman Sachs/Other. 

X-factor Judging Panel

If the band had to back a worthy cause (like Bob Geldof and world poverty, Madonna and stealing children) what would it be? We liked the way that Lee Dixon sponsored an owl and named him Hooty McOwlface. So if we had to back a worthy cause, I think we’d sponsor a lobster and call him Boiling Water. Or Deliciousina Sandwich. (http://www.nationallobsterhatchery.co.uk/)

Which artist would you most like to support on tour?

Kanye West. Or Stephen Fry.

What are your plans for the immediate future? At the moment we’ve got gigs lined up at Merton and St. Hughs, and we’re looking forward to playing more around Oxford (entz reps – get in touch!)



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