Café opens at Exam Schools

Students visiting the Exam Schools in the past week have been enjoying the benefits of its recently installed café.

The project, known simply as The Café, has been running since Monday of 1st Week, and is open on weekdays from 8.30am until 2pm. It will run for ten weeks until the second week of the Easter vacation, with potential to become a permanent fixture in the Exam Schools if deemed sufficiently profitable.

The enterprise is currently subsidised by the University according to the café manager

Erika, Co-Manager of the establishment, said that she was pleased with the amount of custom in the café so far. She commented: “Last week was good, quite busy. But many more people have been in today [Monday] than I’ve seen so far.

“If possible, we’d like to stay longer than the ten weeks. Students are very welcome here.”

The café is providing customers with their own loyalty card, allowing them to get their tenth hot drink free, with other promotional offers in the pipeline. The café will also be providing a feedback tablet, for students and staff to leave praise or suggestions for the management of the café.

As well as the standard selection of pastries, cakes and hot drinks, the café sells sandwiches, a soup of the day, and is looking into offering hot pasta. Owing to the generous subsidisation of the café, prices have remained relatively low – for example, a Danish pastry is only 90p, whilst coffees range in price from £1.05 to £1.40.