Frankie Goes to Hollywood: ‘A Theory of Justice: The Musical’ Trailer

I’ve got a theory that it’s a demon, a dancing demon – no, something isn’t right here. Sorry, wrong musical.  A Theory of Justice: The Musical is a strange beast and has a strange trailer to boot.  It’s a trailer that doesn’t need to exist.  No, that’s not a philosophical point, but an economic one.  By the time this trailer came out, the show had sold out.  Completely.  So this trailer really doesn’t need to do anything to sell the show.

That’s probably for the best, because it doesn’t.

Instead, we’re presented with a slowed down version of my average Friday night – half-heartedly thumbing through an ancient tome because the sodding e-book is in use, before indulging in some light solo bondage on a darkened stage, complete with my lucky toy sword.

Between the strangely slow shots of a fairly decent bop costume being put together, Ollie Nichols gives an unnervingly intense performance – he has to be commended for being able to deliver the lyrics without a hint of a smile, but that ability is also a tad creepy.  The monotony of the song and the artificiality of the synthesised strings behind it are not improved by repeat viewings – which, by the way, only really aggravate the serious case of earworm.  Nichols, however, manages to rise above them.  Just(ice) about.