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2228618802-1Where does the name come from? a tragic swimming incident?

We actually took the name from a book called Wild Swim. The book was about wild swimming and though we’re not enthusiasts, we like it and we think it works.

Who are your major musical influences?

We have many bands that we all love like Grizzly Bear and Radiohead but beyond that our influences are pretty wide spread. We all love electronic music for example; artists like Four Tet and Henrik Schwarz, and this kind of music enters into our song writing at times too.

Who are the band members, where are you from and what do you study?

All the band members are from Oxford or live close by. Jacob (bass) and Carlos (guitar & keys) are both at Oxford (LMH and Pembroke respectively) studying music. Jamie (guitar & keys) is at Leeds studying music, Sam (drums) is at Cardiff studying Philosophy and I’m in London training to be a tailor.

What has your experience been of gigging in Oxford?

We started out playing in smaller pubs around the city and gradually moved on to larger venues. One highlight would be at what was once called The Regal (I think it may now be a Christian mega-dome) in Cowley which was a pretty major gig for us at the time – it was a support slot for Foals (DJ) and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. I think it was actually his first show.

If you had an official Band Pet what would it be?

Something utterly tragic that would make us feel good about ourselves. A sausage dog perhaps – I challenge anyone to find a more miserable animal.

Which artist would you most like to support on tour?

I think we’d love to tour with Grizzly Bear as I think there’s so much we could learn from them. I’d also like to go on tour with Sven Väth for the vibes, and with Swedish House Mafia, just so I can get at them.

Has anything notably embarrassing happened to the band while performing?

Wild Swim have always seemed to attract embarrassment. When we were about 13, at one of our first ever gigs (where we actually had to pay to play – embarrassing enough in itself), our drum-kit collapsed in on itself midway through our set and left the drummer crumpled on the stage under a pile of drum-based rubble. Happy memories.

What are your plans for the immediate future?

We’ve just finished recording some new material down at Real World Studios so you can expect a new offering very soon. After that we’re hopefully going to gig a fair bit and then we’re into festival season. We’re in a very exciting period at the moment but beyond that, who knows.

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