Keys given to the ‘Forbidden Palace’

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queens ballStudents were left on tenterhooks this week to see if they’d be lucky enough to go where few had gone before and gain access to The Queen’s ‘Forbidden Palace’.

The organisers of The Queen’s College’s Ball kept the punters interested this week with a mysterious publicity stunt, which offered one lucky winner a free ticket to the Ball, along with generous Mission Burrito discounts.

Every student who had liked the ‘Forbidden Palace’-themed Ball’s Facebook Page received a key in their pidge, ranging from “the big old brassy type to the tiny decorative ones”.

Stephanie Jackson, Marketing Director for the Ball, explained:  “People received keys of all shapes and sizes with which they could potentially open the Forbidden Palace”.

There was, however, to be only one lucky winner. She continued: “Only one key was the fitting key though, and the person lucky enough to get this one pidged won a free ticket to the Ball.”

Melissa Bond, a first year student at Corpus Christi studying English and Classics, emerged victorious from the Willy Wonka-esque scheme. She commented: ”Oh wow, thank you so much! I am definitely accepting the ticket – cannot wait. Gonna be a brilliant night!”

Nevertheless, every key also came with a 20 percent discount voucher for Mission Burrito to soften the blow for those who didn’t win a ticket.

Jackson said: “We really enjoyed collecting the different keys over the past months, and some of them have been sourced from quite random places! We hope people will enjoy this little unexpected gift, and their cheap burritos of course.”


Barbara Ling Bell, a recipient of a key at Keble, commented: “I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a pretty card with a key attached to it and very happy to learn I had received the discount, although I thought it was a free ticket to the Ball. I wonder what the key opens…”

Alison Coxon, The Queen’s Ball Committee President, explained the appeal of the night: “Every area of Queen’s will be transformed into a different room of our Forbidden Palace; from the Palace Gardens for our champagne and oyster reception, to the Ballroom where our headline act will take to the main stage and top off a night of incredible music.”

She added: “Our Forbidden Palace will bring you luxury fit for royalty, yet with a unique twist – whether it’s our gourmet kangaroo, ostrich and venison burgers, or the stimulant bar in the dungeons courtesy of Jaguar energy drinks, your stay in the Palace will be an unforgettable end to Trinity 2013.”

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