Free access to Lincoln printing after IT glitch


A security breach was exposed in Lincoln College’s online printing system earlier this week which enabled users to log in without having to enter their password.

Lincoln’s system is powered by EveryonePrint – and that’s exactly what students across the University could have done when it emerged that only a valid username was required to gain access to the interface.

For a number of days students were able to print documents from each other’s accounts, see how much users had spent and view their most recently printed documents.

And one student was left red-faced after a screenshot appeared on Facebook revealing that he had printed a Word document entitled ‘Fierce Lesbians’.

He later explained in a comment on the picture that the file was “genuinely the title of presentation on word origins”.

This student, whom The Oxford Student has decided not to name, was unavailable for comment.

The problem was reported to Lincoln’s IT Manager Mike White on Monday who explained in an email to students: “Sorry, I have had to shut down the web print interface for security reasons.

“I will get it back up and running first thing in the morning. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.”

A first year PPEist who did not wish to be named remarked: “I just said, ‘Oh, we can’t print now.’ So I just asked a friend whether his printer worked. That was it, really.”

However one distraught Lincolnite was left in tears after being unable to print their Dominos vouchers. “The deal expired at midnight, how an I meant to get through this essay without my chicken strippers and garlic bread pizza combo for £9.99?!”

But Mark Backhouse, a fresher at Lincoln, was non-plussed. He said: “I’m a maths student. If I had anything to print, I’d be quite peeved. As it is, I don’t really care.”

The security issue was resolved the following morning with White confirming that the web printing interface was back online.

He was not available for comment when contacted.