The OxStu guide to Blind Dates

Photo/ James Gillary
Photo/ James Gillary

This week brings the annual RAG Blind Date where all you lonesome singles can get matched up with someone else inside the bubble who shares your pain and all for a good cause. But how best to manage the unique social experience that is the Blind Date? Here are a few top tips to make sure that you get the most out of the experience:

DO pay attention to presentation. Maybe leave the red trousers at home and go for something more conservative and less Conservative. A casual shirt for the guys shows you’ve taken the effort to change out of the hoody you’ve been wearing all week. For the gals, it is somewhat unlikely your date will take much notice unless you rock up in a onesie and slippers.

DO be on time. No one wants to be sitting around for half an hour at a table for two around Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to tell which is worse: the looks of pity from your fellow diners or the laughs of derision.

DO make a good first impression. Apparently we form our impressions of someone within 11 seconds of meeting them. While you’ll get some clue about your blind date either through their forms or large amounts of Facebook stalking, make sure you smile and no matter what, don’t look disappointed.

DON’T have any expectations. As amazing as the matchmaking skills of RAG, your friend or some mysterious algorithm are, no one’s perfect. This is Oxford so one here is going to be 100% normal. Go with it. Relish in the fact that your date is a quantum physics whizz, knows all the words to Eminem’s entire back catalogue or is the heir to a cream cheese producing fortune.

DON”T drink too much. One or two may help the conversation flow but a whole bottle could lead to certain stories coming out that should maybe be saved for a second date/break-up/funeral.

DON’T assume the man will pick up the bill. This is the 21st century! Women have the vote, jobs and education beyond primary school so its time to dump this out-dated assumption. If you want to make a good impression, offer to pick up the bill yourself regardless of your choice of genitalia and just cross your fingers they’ll suggest splitting it.