OUAC Blues strike fear into Cambridge in Varsity build-up

ouacLast Saturday Oxford University Athletics club travelled to Lee Valley Athletics centre to compete against Cambridge in the annual FEAR match (Field Events and Relays). The match is considered to be a major point in the build-up to the Varsity match next term. Unlike Varsity it is very much a team event and the scoring system differs greatly. Four athletes are entered for each event. Each athlete’s highest, longest, or fastest effort is combined to give a cumulative score. For example the team with the highest combined long jump or furthest combined shot put wins that event. The emphasis is very much on the team ethos, rather than individual glory of the Varsity match. FEAR is separated into four separate competitions: Men’s and Women’s field, and Men’s and women’s track.

Oxford’s day got off to the best possible start with convincing wins in the Men’s Javelin and Men High Jump. On both occasions it was fresher Aidan Reynolds who made the difference. In the Javelin he threw a mammoth 63.32 meters to comfortably secure a Blues standard and go 3rd on the Oxford all-time list. Barely fifteen minutes later he notched up his second Blues standard in the high jump, leaping 1.95 meters to see off a strong Cambridge line up. However, Cambridge fought back in the field, winning the Shot Put as well as the Triple Jump, despite the best efforts of Sam Trigg who jumped an impressive Blues standard of 14.11 meters. The Cambridge fight back ultimately meant that the Men’s field match was drawn 4-4. Unfortunately, the Oxford Women were slightly less successful in the field, much of this down to the light blues bosting an international high jumper amongst their ranks. An impressive dark blue victory in the Pole Vault was a highlight, but the women eventually went down 5-3.

This loss was to be the only major loss of the day however. On the track, the Dark Blue men utterly blew Cambridge away. The major highlights of track day came in men’s 4x200m race, where the Oxford squad set a blistering match record. On the women’s track Nadine Prill also made history by setting a new match record in the 60m with a time of 7.94. Ultimately the Oxford men brought it home with a 5-1 win with the Oxford women drawing 3-3. Although there is no overall trophy awarded on the day, the overall cumulative score for the entire day was Oxford 15-13 Cambridge. This score-line reflects a highly successful day of shoeing for OUAC who will be hoping they can carry such momentum forward into the varsity match next term.