Assault in Jericho

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An attempted assault took place in Jericho last Saturday night at 3am, as a man attempted to drag a young female down an alleyway just off Walton Street. Luckily this incident was interrupted by a passer-by, yet the man escaped before he could be apprehended.

This is the latest of a number of similar assaults on female students late at night in the past month.

These incidents have prompted a reminder issued by a number of colleges that care should be taken when walking round Oxford late at night, especially northern colleges around the Jericho area.

Natasha Green, a Keble student sent out the following comment to Keble JCR members regarding the assault:  “When walking home at night, girls don’t walk by yourself and boys please offer to walk a girl home even if it takes you out of your way. Be aware of how much alcohol you and your friends have had and look out for one another.”